Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fixing streaming issue after build 3.70.651.1 upgrade

After I upgraded my EVO to build 3.70.651.1, Google Listen failed to stream any podcasts over 3G network. I can only do it over wifi. Since then I had to switch to Stitcher to listen to my podcasts. Until today, I saw this thread in xda developers forum by accident. Apparently, people in Sprint didn't want user to stream data over 3G network. So, in the update they set the HTTP PD Proxy to one of their proxy server. This allows them to control over what kind of data can go through the 3G network Anyway, here is fix I copied from the thread. You need to know your MSL number which you should be able to get by download the MSL Reader from the market.

Here is the steps to unset the proxy setting:

  1. Dial ##3282#. This will bring up an app named EPST
  2. Pick Edit Mode when you receive a prompt.
  3. It should ask for a passcode. Enter your MSL number as the passcode.
  4. Now, you're in EPST - Edit Mode.
  5. Select Advanced to go the advanced settings.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom and you should see the properties for HTTP PD Proxy
  7. Unset the HTTP PD Proxy Port to 0
  8. Unset the HTTP PD Proxy Address to
  9. Press Menu button and select Commit Modifications
Now, you should be able to stream data over 3G network again.

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